creative spaces for rent in melbourne

Creative Spaces for Rent in Melbourne


Finding the perfect space to create, style, or photograph could be a challenge. So I thought of researching the city of Melbourne to find and share the beautiful creative spaces the city has to offer for artists like me. Whether you’re an established artist, a budding photographer, or a stylist with a vision, I have chosen these spaces to provide the ideal environment for your creative endeavours and the perfect backdrop for your next masterpiece.

What can I do in a creative space?

A creative space serves as a canvas for your artistic expression, offering a multitude of opportunities to explore and engage with your creative process. It allows you to think of ideas and allowing your thoughts to flow freely and organically. This is the place where you can brainstorm or simply let your imagination just be. Moreover, your creative space is the ideal setting for producing art, providing you with the tools, materials, and ambience necessary to bring your artistic visions to life. For us creatives, whether you’re a painter, sculptor, or any other kind of creative, this is where our craft takes form. Additionally, performing artists, musicians, actors, and writers can find their haven in a creative space, using it for practice, rehearsal, and showcasing their talents. The key to maximizing the potential of our creative space is not to overthink our creative process. This environment should empower us to think freely, experiment, and connect the dots in our own unique way. It’s a sanctuary where creativity flourishes allowing our artistic spirit to thrive and produce work that truly reflects our vision.

How do I find my creative space?

Finding your ideal creative space involves a combination of physical and mental considerations. From my experience, think minimal: opt for a clean and uncluttered environment that minimizes distractions. A space that’s not overrun with visual or mental clutter can help you channel your energy and focus into your creative flow. In this minimalist setting, you’re more likely to find the mental clarity needed to bring your artistic visions to life.

Another important thing I noticed is our morning routine. Our daily routine sets the mood for your day and can significantly impact your creative output. Ideally, our morning routine should be enjoyable and invigorating, aligning with our personal preferences. This process can help us start the day with a positive mindset and a readiness to embrace your creative endeavours. By incorporating these principles of minimalism and mindful morning routines, you can discover your creative space and embark on a journey of enhanced artistic productivity.

Why is space important for creativity?

Space is a necessary element that plays an important role in fostering our creativity. Firstly, it encourages focus and concentration, which are essential for the creative process. A dedicated creative space allows artists and creators to immerse themselves in their work, free from the distractions that often intrude on our daily lives. This level of focus is particularly vital for individuals working independently on their projects, as it enables them to dive deep into their creative process, explore new ideas, and bring their visions to life without interruptions.

Furthermore, a designated creative space provides a sanctuary where we can let our creative energies flow freely. This environment is conducive to brainstorming, experimenting, and allowing creativity to flourish. In a well-defined creative space, artists can fully engage with their thoughts and artistic expressions, as it’s tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

Best Creative Spaces in Melbourne


storage glen iris

I found out about Storage Glen Iris through a referral. Storage Glen Iris offers an affordable and inspiring creative space for rent in Melbourne, catering to artists and creatives seeking a professional yet budget-friendly environment. These studios are thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of various artistic practices, from painting to multimedia arts. With an abundance of natural light, spacious layouts, and essential amenities, they provide the perfect setting to nurture your creativity. Perfect for our needs! 

The studio spaces are competitively priced. Storage Glen Iris offers a clean, modern facility with state-of-the-art amenities, prioritizing convenience and easy accessibility. Whether you need a short-term or long-term rental, flexible options are available to suit your specific requirements. You also have access to a secure and well-organized environment, allowing you to work undisturbed and explore new artistic possibilities. Additionally, these studio spaces enhance your professional image, making it easy for clients and fellow artists to engage with your work.



mycelium studios

Mycelium Studios, located in Brunswick East near Thornbury, offers a light-filled and versatile converted warehouse for creative individuals and professionals. This interdisciplinary space environment provides about one-third of communal areas and facilities, fostering collaboration and idea exchange among a diverse community of creatives, including software engineers and fashion designers. The studio features a range of workspaces, from executive suite-styled offices to open-plan areas, accommodating a variety of working styles and preferences while maintaining a welcoming common space for interaction and collaboration.



J Studios is located in North Fitzroy across two sites on Barkly Street and St Georges Road. It is an artist-run studio complex accommodating artists, writers, and performers working across various mediums. The Barkly Street location also offers a drama rehearsal and workshop space called ‘The Barkly Room,’ which is available for hourly rental. Operating for over a decade, J Studios is a not-for-profit incorporated association with artists paying a monthly membership fee. Members have the opportunity to actively participate in the studio’s management through a committee. J Studios currently boasts over twenty-six members and welcomes new members to join its artistic community.



This one is for photographers. Hire+Fire Studios is a versatile creative space suitable for various types of shoots, providing a wide range of equipment and backdrops. The studio caters to individuals of all skill levels and is well-equipped for both still photography and video production. Professional-grade equipment is included with the studio rental, making it a one-stop destination for professionals seeking the tools they need to bring their creative visions to life.



Next, I found Claw Creative Studios online. According to the page, their space offers inspiration through its two key areas:

  1. Art Gallery: The gallery features two large windows and a double-door entrance, providing abundant natural daylight during the day and well-lit spaces in the evenings thanks to tracked LED lighting. It’s an ideal environment for art exhibitions and creative displays.

  2. Common Area: The communal space is versatile and well-equipped, with amenities and a projector featuring a 100-inch screen. It can accommodate up to 24 individuals simultaneously, making it suitable for various needs and preferences, including meetings, presentations, and collaborative activities.

Definitely, something to consider for projects collaborating with more people.



Space388 is also an interesting venue. It is a versatile 200sqm event space featuring modernized industrial aesthetics within a flexible open-plan layout, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions. Whether it’s for celebratory events like weddings, birthdays, or exhibitions, creative endeavours such as art exhibitions and photography sessions, or business-related activities like product launches and pop-up shops, Space338 offers a welcoming environment.

The space includes a large open area, a convenient kitchenette for self-service, unisex and disabled bathrooms, and a blend of modern and historic industrial features that can complement your chosen theme. Located near the corner of Peel and Queensberry Street in North Melbourne, it offers easy access to the CBD, public transport, and ample on-street parking.

You also have access to a floor space of 150 square meters with a high ceiling of 4 meters or more. The facilities also include a unisex toilet, a servery, Wi-Fi internet, a large TV/plasma screen, a projector screen, iPod input, and a smooth ground surface to accommodate a variety of needs for your event or project.



Lastly, River Studios is an award-winning architectural warehouse conversion that serves as a vibrant studio facility for artists and creatives. Managed by the Creative Spaces program, this 3000 sqm space, including an adjoining warehouse, spans three levels and caters to a wide range of creative practices, including visual arts, sculpture, photography, making, and design. The available studio spaces vary in size, ranging from approximately 14m2 to 57m2. Artists and other creatives interested in becoming part of this thriving community can enquire to join the waiting list for available studios.


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