The Wood Fired Co. - The Hype Around Argentinian Grills What They Are, Why They're So Popular, and Why You Need One

The Hype Around Argentinian Grills: Everything You Should Know


As an avid griller, barbecue enthusiast, and resident of Melbourne, I’ve noticed more and more Argentinian-style grills popping up in backyards and patios around the city. The rich aroma of perfectly grilled meats being carried by the wind through the neighbourhood on weekends, the sizzling sounds, and the mouthwatering taste of Argentinian barbecued delicacies have piqued the interest of many adults in Melbourne.

And for that, these versatile and unique grills have developed quite a huge following, and for good reason! In this post, I’ll break down the hype around Argentinian grills so you can see if one might be right for your next backyard upgrade.

What is an Argentinian Grill?

Argentinian grills, also called parrillas, are different from your average kettle grill or gas grill. Originating in Argentina, they are designed specifically for asado-style grilling over hot coals or wood flames. The grates are typically closer to the heat source than other grills, allowing for faster searing and smoking. Argentinian grills also have an adjustable grate height so you can control the intensity of the heat on your food, this design provides versatility for various cuts of meat and grilling styles. In addition to features mentioned, many Argentinian grills come equipped with a rotisserie system, allowing you to slow-cook large cuts of meat, such as whole lambs or pigs, to perfection.

Another signature feature is the integrated offset burn chamber on the side. This separate compartment holds the charcoal or wood, keeping your meat away from direct flames. Though most Argentinian grill purists prefer wood as the primary fuel source because it imparts a unique smoky flavor to the meat, charcoal is also being used for convenience.

V-shaped grates allow the fatty juices to drip down and create smoky, flavorful aromas. And chimney vents regulate airflow and temperature. Overall, Argentinian grills give you the versatility to cook low and slow, or hot and fast.

What Caused the Hype?

The popularity surge of Argentinian grills in Melbourne is not unfounded. Several factors contributed to the hype it has today. First, they deliver authentically smoked, charred flavours that are difficult to achieve on regular backyard grills. The intense heat sears the outside while keeping the interior moist and tender. Second, the adjustable grates and multiple cooking zones allow you to perfectly grill different ingredients at once, like meat and vegetables.

Another factor in their rise is that Argentinian grills have become more accessible and affordable. High-end models were once only found at specialty stores, but big box retailers now offer budget-friendly options. As more people try asado-style barbecue, the word has spread about how flavorful and fun these grills can be.

The final element generating hype is their striking aesthetic. With their black metal finish and exposed flames behind a glass or mesh door, Argentinian grills just look seriously cool. They bring a sophisticated, rugged vibe to your patio.

Why do you need an Argentinian Grill?

If you love hosting barbecues, or simply crave juicy steaks with smoky char, then an Argentinian grill could be a game-changing addition. Here are some of the biggest benefits:

  1. Authentic asado flavors from charcoal/wood heat
  2. Quick searing and even slow smoking
  3. Adjustable grates for total temperature control
  4. Side burner perfect for cooking sides or keeping food warm
  5. Increased capacity to grill for a crowd
  6. Eye-catching style to enhance your outdoor space

For me, the joys are endlessly tasty food, good times with friends and family, and the satisfaction of grilling over real fire and smoke. An Argentinian grill takes the barbecue experience to new heights.

Where can I get an Argentinian Grill?

If you’re still here, I’m sure you might be thinking of getting your own premium, high-performance Argentinian grill to take your backyard barbecues to the next level? Look nowhere as The Wood Fired Co. got everything you need to master authentic asado cooking at home. Whether you’re an aspiring gaucho or just love a good steak, they surely can outfit your patio with the equipment necessary for restaurant-worthy results.They offer a selection of premium parrillas you might want to check out. Here’s a closer look on why their Argentinian grill stands out:

Exceptional Australian Craftsmanship: At the core of their impressive grill is a sturdy body made from Australian-sourced steel, promising durability and strength. They take great pride in supporting local manufacturing and it shows through their grill’s reliable construction.

Premium Stainless Steel Components: Grills are constructed from 304 stainless steel, which is highly corrosion-resistant and retains heat extremely well. This ensures the grill maintains its excellent cooking abilities for many seasons.

User-Friendly Design: One grill features built-in lifting handles on the cooking surface that let you effortlessly tend and move food during cooking and another features interchangeable grill or hot plates, a convenient warming rack, and built-in rotisserie, all to evolve the way convenience feels.

Endless Culinary Potential: From juicy steaks to fall-off-the-bone ribs to roasted veggies, their versatile parrillas can do it all. Slow cook, hang large cuts of meat, or grill up a complete meal.


I hope this overview gets you excited about bringing an Argentinian parrilla grill into your backyard! Just a quick tip: embrace the trend, fire up the grill, and savor the incredible flavors that Argentinian grilling has to offer. Your taste buds and your friends will surely thank you. 

If you have one already, let me know your favorite tips and tricks in the comments. Until next time, happy grilling!

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