Where Can I Find Custom Sized Office Space for Rent in Melbourne

Where Can I Find Custom-Size Office Space for Rent in Melbourne? We Looked and Found These.


Finding the ideal office space is one of the first steps for businesses aiming to establish themselves in Melbourne’s vibrant business landscape. In a city known for its dynamic and diverse business environment, finding the perfect office space becomes integral to organizational growth. The challenge, however, lies not only in locating office spaces but in identifying those tailored to specific needs—particularly when it comes to custom-sized spaces that align seamlessly with your business requirements. In exploring Melbourne’s commercial real estate landscape, we delved into the options available, conducting a search to uncover unique, custom-sized office spaces for rent. Our findings present a curated list of spaces that meet the demands of diverse business operations and contribute to fostering a conducive and productive work environment.

But first, let’s discuss some things to consider when looking to rent an office space.

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How much should I budget for office space?

When budgeting for office space, a commonly recommended guideline for commercial tenants is allocating 5% to 10% of their gross sales per square foot towards rent. To determine this, calculate your sales per square foot by dividing your gross sales by the total square footage of the desired location. For instance, if your business is projected to generate $300,000 in annual sales and you’re eyeing a 1,500 square foot space, your calculation would be essential in determining an appropriate budget for rent. This approach ensures that your office space costs align with your business’s financial capacity, promoting a sustainable and balanced financial strategy.

How much office space per person building code of Australia?

The Building Code of Australia requires a minimum of 10 square meters per person in a given office space. It’s important to recognize that this minimum encompasses the entire area, including ancillary spaces like meeting rooms, common areas, hallways, and bathrooms. Consequently, the dedicated work area for employees, within the minimum space, may be less than the specified 10 sqm.

While high-density offices, such as call centres, might operate within this minimum, it’s common for businesses, especially in professional services like accounting or law, to use larger spaces. Notably, a more expansive office layout, incorporating open architecture and additional common rooms, contributes not only to compliance but also to employee satisfaction and heightened productivity.

For creative industries, the advantages of open and airy environments are significant, enabling flexibility and movement across various office spaces. Considering the composition of staff—full-time, part-time, or casual—and the prevalence of remote work can also influence the necessary office space. Implementing shared desks for employees who aren’t present every day can be a strategic approach to optimizing office space and promoting efficiency. In essence, while the Building Code sets a baseline, the diverse needs of businesses often call for more extensive and tailored spatial considerations for an optimal working environment.

What is the average size of an office?

The average size of an office can vary based on its design and the nature of the work environment. Private offices typically span between 150 to 350 square feet, providing a designated and enclosed workspace. Cubicles, a popular alternative in many office settings, average around 80 to 100 square feet per person, offering a balance between personal space and collaboration.

In contrast, open-plan workstations, a trend in modern office layouts, allocate roughly 60 square feet per person. This design encourages a more collaborative and flexible working atmosphere. Determining the appropriate office size involves considering factors such as the number of employees and the specific nature of the work being conducted.

Ultimately, the average office size is a dynamic metric influenced by various considerations, reflecting the evolving trends in workplace design and the recognition of diverse needs for different types of work.

How do I calculate how much office space I need?

Calculating the required office space involves a balance between efficiency and generosity in space allocation for staff. A generous approach, allotting 100 square feet per person, allows 50 square feet for desk space and another 50 for communal areas like meeting spaces and kitchens. This provides a more expansive and comfortable work environment.

On the other hand, a more efficient allocation of 75 square feet per person can be considered, though this choice should be justified by the nature of job roles and the availability of amenities within the workplace. This more streamlined approach optimizes space utilization without compromising the functionality and comfort of the working environment.

In essence, determining how much office space is needed requires a thoughtful consideration of the organization’s priorities, work culture, and the specific requirements of the roles performed within the workspace. Striking the right balance ensures a workspace that fosters productivity and meets the needs of its occupants.

Now that we have answered some basic questions about things to consider when renting an office space, let’s get on with our list.



storage glen iris

Storage Glen Iris offers custom-made office space for rent solutions designed to meet the unique needs of businesses. Their newly built facility provides office spaces for rent, storage options, and commercial storage solutions. The offices are particularly popular among small businesses seeking a new location or upgrading from online or home-based operations. With 24/7 access, a convenient large lift and loading bay, and a prime location just off the Monash Fwy and near Glen Iris train station, Storage Glen Iris aims to provide a secure, modern, and accessible workspace. The offices not only serve as a professional environment for meetings and organizational purposes but also contribute to work-life balance, allowing businesses to thrive in a dedicated space while enjoying a beautiful and relaxing setting. Storage Glen Iris delivers top-quality, modern facilities, making it an attractive option for those in Glen Iris and surrounding suburbs, such as Burwood, Malvern, Toorak, Armadale, and Hawthorn.

Website: https://storagegleniris.net.au/


christie spaces

Christie Spaces offers flexible and well-equipped hot desk solutions ideal for startups seeking dedicated workspaces with networking opportunities. These spaces feature state-of-the-art technology, including Zoom TVs, screen sharing facilities, and high-speed internet access to enhance productivity. Pet-friendly workspaces allow for a comfortable work environment, and regular professional and social events foster collaboration within the Christie Spaces Community. The hot desks provide high-speed WiFi, beautifully designed amenities, and access to professional meeting rooms. Individuals can benefit from drop-in flexibility, dedicated workspaces, and networking opportunities, while groups or companies can use hot desks to create CBD hubs, provide workspaces for visiting employees, or explore dynamic working environments. Key features include business hours access, daily cleaning, professional networking events, and a dedicated community team, making Christie Spaces an ideal coworking solution for thriving businesses.

Website: https://www.christiespaces.com.au/hot-desk-melbourne


co work me

CoWork Me offers hassle-free leasing for private offices, prioritizing your comfort and growth needs. Their tailored solutions accommodate both small and large office spaces, starting from $400 per person per month. Unlike traditional leases, packages are all-inclusive, featuring credits for meeting room hire and printing services.

Leasing a serviced office provides access to various benefits, amenities, and frequent networking and wellness programs. CoWork Me also has secure parking, cutting-edge technology for video conferences and podcasts, a prime location with easy access to public transport and proximity to the CBD. Customizable office setups, fast 400Mbps fibre broadband internet, and a spacious 3,000 sqm environment with corporate brands and breakout areas contribute to the appeal of CoWork Me’s private offices.

Website: https://www.coworkme.com.au/serviced-offices/



Create a personalized and brand-aligned office space with their ‘Design Your Office’ options, allowing flexibility in layout, furniture, technology, and branding at a cost-effective rate. Modern designs can inspire and energize your team, with 90% of furniture and branding options incurring no extra charge. The ability to customize everything, from colours to technology setups, desks, lounges, accessories, and storage, ensures a tailored environment. This fully supported, low-risk solution comes with a reception team, professional IT and support services, global business lounge access, cleaning, utilities, security, and various discounts and networking opportunities. The three-step process involves deciding workspace needs, designing a unique office, and letting the experts handle the customization. The affordability of a custom office is emphasized, with inclusive monthly fees and options included in a 6-month agreement, reducing upfront capital costs and offering scalability as your business grows.

Website: https://www.regus.com/en-gb/office-space/custom-office


Workspace365 provides premium coworking and flexible workspaces across Australia, catering to businesses of all sizes. Their locations offer a collaborative community and flexible terms to ensure an optimal work environment. The facilities include premium meeting and boardrooms equipped with state-of-the-art AV equipment.

For those seeking virtual services, Workspace365 offers a range of options, from business addresses to Platinum packages, accommodating diverse business needs. The Business Lounge provides an ideal space for casual, remote, or interstate visitors to work and engage with the community. Flexidesks, available on short and long-term plans, offer flexibility for growing businesses within the Workspace365 community. Additionally, Day Offices are tailored for individuals or teams, providing the opportunity to work in private office spaces on a day-to-day basis. With a focus on premium locations, flexibility, and a supportive team, Workspace365 aims to meet the varied needs of businesses in a collaborative and adaptable workspace environment.

Website: https://www.workspace365.com.au/



The perks of a private office include customizable workspaces for teams of all sizes, flexible contracts that grow with your business, and unlimited access to coworking areas during business hours. Everything, from Wi-Fi to utilities and services, is included in a single monthly fee.

Spaces provides fully flexible terms, allowing you to rent office space for as long as you need with immediate availability. The range of spaces available caters to your preferences, whether you need a small or large private office. The serviced offices come with everything included, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional office spaces with minimal upfront costs. You can choose a fully furnished office space or leave it unfurnished and focus on your business 24/7/365.

Joining Spaces means becoming part of a thriving community of like-minded professionals. While your private office provides the privacy you need, the locations are designed to facilitate new connections and collaboration. With complimentary access to coworking spaces during business hours, you can enrich your work-life experience through an international network of workspaces, business events, speakers, networking lunches, and more. Spaces aim to provide a flexible, inclusive, and collaborative environment for businesses to thrive.

Website: https://www.spacesworks.com/products-services/office-space/


compass offices

Compass Offices, with multiple locations in Australia, offers flexible office solutions to suit different budgets and business needs. The Melbourne locations include 570 Bourke Street, 459 Collins Street, World Trade Centre, and 360 Collins Street. Aimed at providing a strong foundation for business growth, Compass Offices offers flexible rental terms starting from one month, along with customizable workspaces for enterprises.

Their business centers are equipped with industry-leading IT infrastructure and high-end furnishings, creating an impressive environment. Serviced office packages include a broad range of business services and customizable options to meet specific needs. Also offering a range of layouts, including offices with manager suites, private meeting rooms, private entrances, and breakout areas, clients can personalize every detail, even down to the colour of the walls. Compass Offices manages the entire custom fit-out process in collaboration with individual clients, addressing specific business requirements, selecting office locations, defining layouts and designs, and overseeing project management delivery.

Website: https://visit.compassoffices.com/melbourne-ppc-landing-page-office-for-rent/


we work

WeWork offers Full Floor Offices and a flexible annual membership catering to teams of 50 or more. This fully furnished private office on a dedicated floor includes personalized amenities like a branded reception, meeting rooms, executive offices, phone booths, and pantries. Teams can choose from various layouts and add-ons, customizing their workspace to meet specific needs. WeWork provides enterprise-level technology solutions for enhanced network performance and security, complemented by proprietary booking software. Getting started involves contacting WeWork’s Enterprise Sales team, exploring tailored options with an account manager, and swiftly moving in, with WeWork handling furniture, operations, and day-to-day essentials.

Website: https://www.wework.com/solutions/full-floor-office


222 hoddle

222 Hoddle represents a natural evolution of Abbotsford’s built environment, seamlessly integrating with heritage warehouses and vibrant neighbourhood life. Envisioned by Architectus, this office building aims to set a new benchmark in commercial workspaces. Boasting best-in-class technology, meticulous attention to detail, and sustainable design, every aspect of 222 Hoddle is tailored to meet the exacting specifications of businesses. The goal is to empower occupants to create their ideal office environment within this innovative and thoughtfully designed space.

The Hive is set to join the tenants at 222 Hoddle, bringing its renowned world-class flexible workspaces to the location. This includes a light-filled 1,300 sqm open-plan converted warehouse space in Collingwood, offering large private offices for rent, hot desks, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, and event/conference spaces. Positioned in the heart of Collingwood’s vibrant fashion and creative community, The Hive is expanding its co-work offerings, catering to those in search of smaller, more flexible, and on-the-go work solutions within the 2,285 sqm space at 222 Hoddle.

Website: https://222hoddle.com.au/


hub australia

The Private Workspaces at this office facility offer customized solutions for teams ranging from 2 to 100 members, with a monthly membership starting from $600 per person. These private, secure spaces are move-in ready and fully customizable, featuring ergonomic desks and chairs, meeting room bookings, premium business addresses, secure access, and more. The membership includes all-inclusive amenities, flexible terms, and the flexibility to scale up or down as your team or business needs change.

The membership grants access to various amenities, including ergonomic furniture, meeting room bookings, a premium business address, secure storage, and more. Flexibility to scale up or down, make your space your own branding, hotel-standard hospitality, privacy features, and move-in-ready spaces with high-quality furnishings contribute to a seamless and fully serviced workspace experience.

Website: https://www.hubaustralia.com/solutions/office-space/


It’s evident that creating a conducive work environment involves careful consideration of factors such as layout, lighting, and privacy. The flexibility and amenities offered by coworking spaces cater to diverse professional needs, promoting collaboration, and scalability. Furthermore, the investment potential in office spaces underscores a long-term strategy. Whether designing a workspace or exploring investment opportunities, the evolving landscape of office environments emphasizes the importance of adaptability, user-centric design, and strategic foresight in fostering thriving workspaces.


The best office layout depends on the specific needs and working styles of the employees. A recommended layout is the Cluster Office Layout, designed for employees in separate teams who heavily depend on communication and collaboration. This layout involves grouping employees together on the office floor plan to enhance collaboration, interaction, and meetings.

A good office space should prioritize adequate lighting for enhanced productivity and energy levels. Natural lighting is preferable, but if unavailable, ample overhead lighting is essential to prevent dull or poorly lit areas in the office.

When planning an office layout, several factors must be considered to create an efficient and purposeful workspace. First and foremost, the floor plan should prioritize navigation and space utilization, ensuring that the layout supports the workflow and functionalities of the office. Adequate lighting is another essential consideration, as a well-lit environment positively impacts productivity and employee well-being. Additionally, incorporating ample storage facilities into the design is crucial for maintaining a tidy and organized workspace. Finally, it’s essential to integrate elements of privacy into the overall design to cater to the diverse needs of employees and provide spaces for focused work or confidential discussions. A thoughtful approach to these factors contributes to a well-balanced and effective office layout.

A healthy office environment is one that celebrates innovation, individuality, and fosters collaboration and teamwork. It prioritizes flexibility and autonomy for employees, allowing them to pursue their personal goals. Moreover, a healthy workplace is safe, ensuring the well-being of employees both psychologically and physically. This combination of a supportive, innovative culture and a safe, empowering physical environment contributes to a holistic definition of a healthy and thriving office space.

An office becomes productive when it offers ample space for work, accommodating necessary equipment such as computers and monitors. Effectiveness is further enhanced by minimizing clutter, creating a tidy and organized environment. The concept of an open workspace contributes to a sense of freedom in performing tasks, fostering a more dynamic and efficient work atmosphere. Together, these elements contribute to a workspace that promotes productivity and a conducive environment for optimal task performance.

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